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Adding a Bedroom

In the United States the average cost of building a new room, such as adding a new bedroom, within your home is approximately $30,000 to $50,000. You can save a substantial amount by performing much of the construction work by yourself.

Even if you add the new room yourself you should still consult with professionals. Many home improvement projects and additions can be done yourself if you have the proper tools and some skills with your hands.

Some construction tasks associated with putting on an addition are not well suited to the amateur builder. Tasks such as laying a new foundation deal with complex legal issues including zoning restrictions and building permits. When your project requires things such as these you should definitely consult with a contractor to perform the work for you.

Less involved home improvement projects however can make sense to do yourself such as converting your attic or garage into a new bedroom. Dividing a room into two with a new non-load-bearing wall can be a simple weekend project.

If you decide to take on adding a new room yourself the first step is to search online for building plans. Room plans can be obtained for as little as $10 with more detailed plans costing upwards of $100. You can also find plans at local home improvement stores such as Lowes or Home Depot.

Once you have your plans take a trip down to a home improvement or hardware store to stock up on some basic supplies and get estimates for lumber; 2x4's, paneling, as well as moulding and trim.

A basic way to divide a room is to frame a wall with 2x4's and erect it in the center of the room. You can then fill the wall with soundproof insulation and cover it with drywall. This makes a quick project you can do in a few days but is very effective and fairly inexpensive.

When constructing walls you should be careful to plan for wiring. If you require electrical outlets, computer network or telephone wiring it's best to integrate that into your plan before constructing it. You also will need to have the wiring inspected as some home owners insurance policies do not cover wiring done by unlicensed people. In most cases it's best to hire a professional to handle your wiring and electrical work. If the job isn't done properly it can be hazardous and potentially cause fires.

As an additional reminder, feel free to separate the work you are comfortable doing as opposed to components you are less comfortable with. When adding a new bedroom for instance, you can always have a professional stud the room and then you perform the drywall installation yourself to work within your budget. Many handyman companies will price the job as separate tasks just for this reason.

Also, be sure to research issues surrounding permits, safety and environmental restrictions. You also need to arrange for inspections in most cases once you are finished with the construction to ensure that your project meets local building and fire codes.

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