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Choosing the Best Alarm System

Choosing security devices, services and personnel for making your home a safe place is a very important job. Fortunately for the cautious home owner there exists many options for increasing the security of your home.

Security systems no longer consist solely of a piece of electrical equipment to be installed in your home. The company and employees behind the security system are an integral part of your choosing the right solution.

Before choosing a company do some research. Do they have a reputation of being reliable and hiring trained, experienced individuals? There's no way to be certain of this but asking around can't hurt. Weed out companies that don't compensate their employees well. These companies often times hire people who cut corners and don't provide the best security services as you require.

Consult you local police department and Better Business Bureau to get a better idea of the caliber of the alarm company. Do the police receive excessive false alarms from their systems? Are they prompt in responding to incidents? The police deal with alarm companies on a regular basis and can provide much insight into which companies make good choices.

You also will want to learn more about the procedures that the company puts into place when dealing with an incident. What is the procedure for changing your passwords? What is their average response time when the alarm is activated? How do they decide if an incident is real or a false alarm? Do they allow a small number of accidental alarms in your monthly service charge? Do they offer flood and fire detection as well as breakin detection?

Asking these questions and gaining confidence that you are selecting a quality security firm should come before ever considering hardware options. Once you are fairly certain that they are a high quality firm then you can begin to investigate your hardware options.

Many hardware options exist ranging from simple sensors attached to windows to more advanced infrared cameras and motion sensors. Some systems have advanced features such as sensors for detecting if glass is broken. Ask the company that you are considering what options they have and which ones are right for your home.

You will also want to inquire about testing packages they have available. Do they test the system annually included in the price? If you desire, can they test the system for you more frequently? You're protecting your family and your investments so don't hold back any questions from a prospective security firm. The more thorough investigation you do into the firm you choose the better you'll sleep at night knowing you are properly protected.

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