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Doing an Attic Renovation By Yourself

Each and every person dream about his favorite home and those who already own one can help changing it or modify it. Change improves the house’s look and gives strength to it. If you intend to renovate your attic, here are a few ideas that might come in handy and lead you to the right path if you decide to renovate it yourself.

For homeowners that need extra space in their houses and more functional rooms there is an alternative: attic renovation. Renovation must be analyzed from all its angles. Two of the most important elements to attic renovation plans are the space and the framing. So, the first step is knowing the available space when the renovation is completed. In order to frame your roof, use rafters, not trusses because it will not remain enough space for what you intend. If you have that type of attic that is open, the roof needs braces.

The number of exits is also important, so do not forget to consult the building code and learn how many windows and doors your attic needs. The light is very important and since you can get enough of it, it would be a shame not to. The headroom is the first measurement that needs to be done when turning your attic into a functional area. People must be able to stand or move in this room, so you have to make it comfortable and safe. For more details read some building codes because in this case building codes are very necessary.

When you decide to turn your attic into a functional room you must think about the overall look and because safety comes first you would better consult a professional before you begin to do any changes. Before transforming the attic into a room, the foundation must be reinforced. Look for cracks in the floor, find out if is safe enough to add more electrical materials or elements to your attic.

You have to take into consideration anything that represents a contribution to the final success of your plan. As I said before, the presence of professionals is important. Talk to building inspectors. If you do all this you will enjoy the comfort of your new space and its functionality.

An important thing to remember when you get involved in the decorating process of your attic is to learn everything you need to know before you actually begin doing it. Learn what the code requires, look in magazines and catalogues and search on the web for more ideas.

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