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Designing a Television Stand

Now that widescreen television sets are becoming the rage the dimension and weight requirements for TV stands has changed. There are several alternative ideas, that you can use to save money and still have a great TV stand, to the standard TV stand.

You can purchase a steel stand kit for $100 or less. These units are strong and provide good support for your prized TV set. They also come in many sizes and colors; they can also be painted. Most people will be able to put the kit together in under an hour and be watching TV in no time. Most units have a place for the installation of a DVD player as well as for the set itself. Most stands can hold a capacity of about 200 pounds, which should be more than enough for most televisions. Many also come with stylish glass shelving for your components, although you will want plexiglass for the surface that holds the set itself. It's much stronger than glass but may cost a bit extra.

Another great option is to build you own stand from wood. You can find numerous plans online for free; check DIY sites such as first. A simple design that you can use or modify to your liking follows:

Buy two cedar planks (3' x 2' x 1"). Trace a curved pattern onto the planks and use a saw to cut this from the board, then sand the surface smooth. Cut a groove about 1/2" into the planks near the top using a dado bit and a router.

Purchase a set of shelving that's the proper width for your set and slide the shelving into the groove. You can make additional grooves for shelving for DVD players and other audio/video equipment. If you wish you can use support dowels or metal pins inserted into the planks rather than grooves. This will allow for you to move the shelves around if you so desire later on, for instance if you buy a new stereo received and it needs a larger height shelf. You can also attach a four inch strip to both sides to hide your wiring and secure the wires with U-shaped tacks every few inches.

While you could purchase a pre-made stand for your television set building your own is inexpensive, doesn't take that long and is customized to your particular needs and style.

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