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Gardening for Fun and Profit

If you are looking for a hobby that is healthy, relaxing, can add beauty to your home and possibly even generate a profit for you then look no further. Gardening provides all of these things and is a great family activity.

To have your efforts pay off you need not grow large amounts of flowers or market your products. Investing a few weeks of your time and a small amount of money can raise the value of your home by a substantial amount.

Imagine that you were in the market for a new home and were driving around the neighborhood. Which houses would appeal visually to you? Generally it's the ones with plants and trees surrounding them. These gardens can greatly enhance the appeal of a property to a potential buyer.

Whether you are gardening to increase your home's value or are doing it for pleasure these tips will make your efforts pay off.

Unless you have large amounts of spare time design your garden to be low maintenance. Who wants to be pruning, weeding, planting and spraying for hours each day? Choosing plants that do not require a lot of maintenance will make tending your garden easier.

One of the biggest choices you will face is whether to go with perennial plants of non-perennials. You plant perennials once and they bloom for several years. Non-perennials must be replanted each year. Non-perennials usually provide more color and come in a larger variety but take more time and maintenance. If you want a choice that requires a minimal investment of time go with perennials. You can also find perennials that are just as colorful if you are willing to spend a little time researching.

Daises, irises, foxgloves, and lupins are examples of perennials that will provide you a colorful bloom year after year. Poppies also make great choices for colorful annual flowers.

Flowers are not the only choice for your garden. You can use non-flowering or minimal flowering plants to fill out your garden such as hostas and herbs. These types of plants often smell great and look great too. You will be able to smell these further away than many of your flowers. All of these plants only have to be purchased once every few years.

The most time consuming task you will be faced with when growing a garden will be weeding. You can minimize the amount of weeding necessary by placing a layer of weed cloth down under your dirt in your garden. Weed cloth works by reducing the amount of sunlight and heat that reach weeds as well as by limiting the weeds physically.

These guidelines work especially for those of you who do not have a green thumb. As long as you provide enough water and have decent quality soil to plant in you should have a colorful and healthy garden for many years to come.

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