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Judging Construction

While proper drainage and grading in addition to proper joining of structural components are key factors in judging construction quality there are many other factors that have great influence; plumbing, insulation, electrical systems, windows, doors, paint and siding. All of these factors determine the quality of construction as well. Grading and structural defects can cause more problems than these other issues; however, all of these factors should be inspected.

You spend too much money on your home to have to make a slew of repairs that have cropped up from poor construction of your plumbing or siding. A flaw in any of these above listed systems can lead to expensive and annoying repairs.

You should get a professional to inspect your home as well as give it a once over yourself. If it's possible you should view the home several times during construction. You may be forbidden from visiting the construction site during working hours by insurance companies. You can however take a look around after hours while the sun is still up. If you notice anything that looks wrong or you have concerns about the construction you should talk to the general contractor or another party. Avoid making accusations or getting involved in a confrontation.

In most cases contractors are honest, but just to be on the safe side look for proper electrical systems, designed to deliver the proper current and voltage. Sometimes contractors will cut corners and use electrical components rated for less than the capacity that you require. You should total up the electrical usage of all the electrical appliances and devices that you will be using. Add an additional 30% to your total expected electrical usage; this is your estimated electrical capacity you will require.

Check electrical wiring to make sure it's not near sharp materials and rough edges. When the house settles it could cause problems if the wiring is near sharp materials.

You should also inspect the plumbing to make sure that replacement of any faulty pipes and fixtures will be fairly easy. Even new components can malfunction, so making it easy to replace will definitely make your life easier.

Another things that should be checked are your window frames. Take a tape measure and check the diagonal measurements of each window. The left diagonal and right diagonal measurements should match. You can also take a T-square and make sure that the corners are squared. One reason to check measurements is to ensure that you will be able to fit your blinds and curtains into the windows. Check for air gaps in addition to the measurements.

You shouldn't be too worried about poor construction quality as most contractors and home builders are honest businessmen; however, inspecting the home for yourself before the construction is over will allow you to head off any issues before you move in.

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