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Making Roof Repair Easy

Making roof repairs before they become serious issues that require expensive professional help is your best choice. Roof repairs don't have to be all that complicated or expensive.

Roof damages can come in many forms including torn shingles, damaged flashing, cracked tiles, etc. Almost all of these issues are problems because they cause water damage and leaks. You rarely ever have warnings of impending water damage. By the time you find out about the leak it's usually too late and damage has already occurred.

For tile or wooden shingled roofs you should look for cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged elements. For other types of shingles including asphalt look for shingles that have moved from their original positions and are warped. For adobe tiles or rolled asphalt you may have to apply water to find problem areas. You also may want to do an interior inspection as well to double check that you have found all of the areas that are damaged.

You can locate other problem areas by looking for moisture on beams. After a rain you should look for water streams and follow them back to the place where the leak began. You can also soak your roof using a garden hose and perform the same check. If you have an asphalt or composite material roof drive a long nail through the roof as close to where the leak begins. Do not do this on adobe or tile roofs as it will only cause more damage.

You can test the extent of cracks and damage on tiles by squeezing some toothpaste into the crack. If the crack is small squeeze a moderate amount of silicone gel into the crack to seal it and call it a day.

When cracks are in places that you can re-paper from the interior easily or fix with a simple replacement of a tile or shingle make the quick repair yourself and save money; however, for major repairs or fixes in hard to reach areas you should hire a professional.

For minor problems with warped or curled asphalt shingles often times you can just nail down the offending corner or glue it back in place. To replace a chipped tile you just need to get a tile that's the same size and replace it. You might also want to consider buying surplus roofing materials when you put the roof on and storing them for making simple repairs down the road.

If your asphalt shingle roof requires repairs that involve tarring or replacing the felt paper you should consider professional help. These installations can require considerable skill and experience and are best left to professionals. Fix what you can and hire for the repairs that you can't handle. The more you fix yourself the more money you will save.

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