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Six Tips for Longer Lasting Decks

Building a deck can seem a complicated task to undertake but with some good advice and tips you too can build your own deck that will last a long time and add value to your home.

Tip No. 1
You can make the process of building a new deck easier by designing it with a computer software package. You can get a better idea of what the final product will look like by using such software. You can also quickly visualize alternate designs, color schemes, etc. Design suites can also generate materials lists, a list of the tools that you will need, measurements for all the components, and sometimes even local building codes that apply to decks.

Tip No. 2
After you have a design completed you need to obtain materials. Pressure treated woods such as pine, redwood, and cedar make great choices and hold up well against the elements. You can also explore newer composite materials that look great and hold up even better. If you desire a wood look you can even find some composites that have a remarkably close appearance to natural wood. These synthetic materials require no painting or staining and can outlast wood by years. Composites also resist wear and warping better than natural wood.

Tip No. 3
You may wish to hire a professional for pouring the foundation for your new deck. If you are familiar with the process of pouring concrete foundations you can do this yourself but it's more suited to a professional. If the foundation is not build correctly you may run into other issues later on in the construction process.

Tip No. 4
Make it easy on yourself by researching local building codes before construction and during the design phase. By knowing the spacing required for supporting posts you can reduce the amount of cuts needed.

Tip No. 5
If possible, move the ledger board that attaches the deck to the wall of your home away from the wall slightly. This will help you handle moisture buildups that can cause problems later on. You can also avoid having to remove or cut siding to accommodate your deck by doing this.

Tip No. 6
Use screws or bolts rather than nails; they retain their fastening power longer and are generally more resistant to oxidation. Nails may be quicker but with a powered screw driver or screw gun you can get the job done almost as quickly.

No matter what modern advances you use in the construction of your deck proper planning is key to a successful project. Be patient and be meticulous in your design and planning. Follow these tips and you should have an amazing deck that lasts an eternity and adds great value to your home.

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