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Making a Bathroom Out Of The Attic

Were you ever confronted with the problem of not having enough bathrooms in your house? A good idea would be to construct one more and a good place for the new bathroom could be the attic. Creating a new bathroom, or just transforming a room into a new space requires a lot of planning. The secret of this is the right design that will give you the possibility to use the entire space that you have in a good manner.

The first thing you need to purchase is the shower because you can not have a bathroom without a shower. My advice would be to choose the wet room style because it will give the sensation of space. Discuss with a supplier about the showerhead. He can give you good advices about how to make the space seem more spacious. If your choice is a bathtub, first of all you have to check the structure of the floor and to find out to what weight it resists.

With the vanity table and with the toilet is the same thing. Check the wall’s and floor’s resistance and pay a great deal of attention when it comes to wood. Oil must be used by the ones that chose wood to protect against the water’s effects. You can consider using the same materials for the floor because there are some special ones customized for the bathroom. Choose plastic based paint because it's more resistant.

Install shelves for towels and other necessary things in the bathroom. Make sure that the electricity source is the nearest one. This way you will ensure hot water when it's cold outdoors, and you will have light. Another issue is the ventilation. You absolutely need a ventilation fan in your bathroom. Without one, rust will grow on the pipes and the paint will peel off. The right thing that must be done is to choose the one that suits the dimensions of your bathroom and that is not noisy.

A good access is very important and it must be big. Do not forget about anti-slip carpets. These carpets will protect you against accidents after you finish your shower.

Before you begin working on your attic transformation make sure you have all legal papers in order. If you have problems in solving the legal matters hire a contractor.

Now that you know all the details and how to do it, it just takes some time to see the great changes in your house and a new bathroom. If you need cash to do this you can hold a garage sale and use the money for the construction of your new bathroom.

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