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Advantages to Installing New Windows

Ever increasing with today's technology, the advantages to installing new windows are tantamount to a properly functioning home. The world today is seeing conventional energy supplies diminish while monthly energy costs rise. That direct relationship has shifted the focus of homeowners worldwide toward energy efficiency and conservation.

Any move toward upgrading the home's energy efficiency begins with new windows. Windows, as structural components, are the most susceptible to heat loss (or heat gain in the summer). Older windows -- even those just 10-15 years old -- are often significantly less efficient than newer products. Which leads to the first advantage to installing new windows ...

  • Energy Efficiency. New energy efficient windows offer superior glazing, weatherstripping, and frames. Installing new windows can save up to 30% on energy bills, which leads us to...
  • Finances. Imagine even 10% off monthly utility bills. Then multiply that by 12 months and yearly savings start adding up. Quickly installing new windows becomes a lucrative investment.
  • Taxes. Installing Energy Star-rated windows is also tax deductible from your federal income tax and possibly state income taxes as well. Saving energy is a national issue.
  • Style. Of course installing new windows also opens up some design choices as well. Choose from large picture windows, casement windows, bay windows, and more. Not to mention the many different window brands.
  • Comfort. With improved energy efficiency comes improved comfort. If your windows are no longer letting precious heat escape, you will naturally find life inside to be that much more comfortable. No more movie nights tucked under a blanket with hat and gloves on!

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