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Getting Free Window Estimates

Getting free window estimates begins first with the decision to upgrade to new windows. That's the easy part. Then you'll enter the realm of window suppliers and installers.

It is a world of numbers, angles, and sales pitches, but also nothing to be intimidated by.

Getting window estimates is a process. Just remember who is in control (you) and that the vast majority of window contractors offer estimates for free.

So from making your decision, move on to...

  • Educating yourself. Window contractors should have the answer to 99% of your questions. Still it is beneficial to have a little background knowledge for support during the process. Check out different window frames, types and ratings. Get an idea of what you want, it could save a lot of time later on.
  • Pick up the phone. Now call some local contractors to have them come look at and measure your windows for an estimate. Make sure they offer free written estimates and have valid, local references (call them on it!).
  • Get ALL the info. If a specific contractor works with a specific window brand(s), get written copies of warranty information to peruse while reviewing their estimate. If they actually work for or are licensed by a specific window brands, ask to see a working window and a cut-out of the window as examples. Ask for whatever else seems pertinent to you; the only dumb question is the one that's never asked.
  • Review. Take your time with all the estimates so that you are sure to choose the best contractor and make sure you've talked to each contractor in person. Be wary of contractors who attempt to get you so sign the dotted line on the spot. A good contractor understands the weight of your decision and relies on his work history, fair estimate and references, not some overblown sales pitch.

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