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Why Should You Hire A Window Contractor?

It's a wintery night. Depending on where you are in the country it is probably snowing or raining, and invariably colder than usual. Walking by the living room windows you feel the sudden urge to throw on your parka. This is not right, you've put up with it for too long. You swear this will be the last night of cold drafts, the last month of $200 electric bills, the last straw. Tomorrow these windows will be gone if you have to throw them to the curb yourself.

In the morning, after a night beneath many layers of bedcovers, you decide not to smash the windows after all, but simply to replace them with energy efficient upgrades. While mentally digesting the situation, you end up facing an important choice: Do you replace the windows yourself, or should you hire a window contractor?

This decision can be a tough one for many homeowners. The process seems simple: take old window out, put new window in. Prest-O Change-O! You're done.

While some homeowners prefer to change their own windows, the majority wisely choose to hire a window contractor. Here are five reasons why:

  • Expertise. A contractor has the experience and insight to recognize potential problems ahead of time and address concerns as they arise and in quick fashion.
  • Speed. A contractor, with the aid of expertise and manpower, can complete several window replacements in a short amount of time, ensuring that "holes" in your house are not there for long.
  • Guarantee. Window contractors will guarantee their work and ensure all warrantees remain intact.
  • Insight. A contractor can also provide insight and advice as to which brand and type of windows best fit your situation.
  • Connections. Need a custom window? A contractor is more likely to get the window you want when you want it thanks to his/her connections to local suppliers.

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