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What estate agents do?

Estate agents and letting agents are the individuals to go to if you wish to either buy or sell a property. Those that wish to sell a property will usually supply the estate agent with a mandate: this written instruction will provide the agent with everything they need to know about the property. The mandate will also allow the estate agent to match up the property in question to potential buyers. This is usually determined by the size, price, location and style of the property. In addition to attracting potential buyers, the estate agent must also perform many administrative tasks, such as the completion of legal forms. This documentation could be application forms for building society bonds, other legal obligations including the likes of conducting meetings with attorneys and an array of other similar responsibilities and duties. Estate agents are obliged to protect the interest of their clients at all times; the client is usually the seller. In order to be a good estate agent, you must be highly motivated as today’s market is highly competitive and the estate agent will often only earn a fee when they make a sale. Estate agents are essential when it comes to both finding and bringing together sellers and buyers. It is important to invest in the help of a reliable estate agent when it comes to either finding a property or selling an existing property. They are, after all, the ones that will be showing possible buyers around the seller’s flat, house, apartment, studio or house. They will therefore be the ones giving the potential buyers the low down on the house in question. If they don’t portray all of the good points the house in question has, they could lose the sale – and their commission. It is therefore important to shop around for a great estate agent and to liaise with them at all possible times.

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