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Your basic home improvement toolkit

Whether you’re planning a large-scale renovation project or simply fancy doing a little home maintenance now and again, a good toolkit is essential. The right tools can make the difference between a good and a bad job, and open the door to huge savings by allowing you to carry out DIY projects that would otherwise need an expert to achieve. Here’s our guide to buying a basic home improvement toolkit.

Consider your needs: An ambitious DIY-er who’s keen to take on projects such as tiling and floorboard laying will have completely different needs to the one who simply wants to put up the odd picture frame. Consider what jobs you’re likely to take on in the home, and plan your toolkit accordingly. Don’t be tempted to spree on an all-inclusive deal on a 100-piece kit if most of those pieces will remain in the box for their lifetime.

Quality over quantity: Unfortunately, tools are one area where it really pays to spend a little more. Sure, you can buy an adjustable spanner from the pound shop, but when the mechanism breaks after a couple of uses you will have wasted your money. Other problems with cheap tools include low quality metallic composite which could snap during use and plastic-handled screwdrivers which are prone to shattering. Choose a reputable supplier such as RS Online, which offers a wide selection of high-quality tools at bargain prices. And opt for well-known names who have established a reputation for quality.

The basic DIY toolkit: So what items do you actually need in your kit? As a basic guide, almost everybody should look at buying a tape measure, pliers, screwdriver set, claw hammer, Stanley knife, spirit level, junior hacksaw and an adjustable spanner. A toolkit like this will set you back around Ł60, but if you’re planning a more ambitious home improvement project then you may also want to add some extras. Other useful items include a paint brush set, stud detector, roller and set of brushes – check out the BBC homes website for a more comprehensive list of items. Finally, make sure you keep you toolkit in a handy place – you never know when you might need it.

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